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Pastor's Update

  Pastor's Update   


Grace is served by Pastor David Cooper.  He grew up all over the United States. He has lived in seven different states. While Wisconsin is home to him, Texas is also home. He has served congregations in California, Florida and Wisconsin.  He accepted God's Call to serve at Grace in March of 2015.


After graduating from high school in Houston, Texas, Pastor studied for the ministry at Northwestern College (Watertown, WI) and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (Thiensville, WI).  Over the many years of ministry, he has been privileged to serve on multiple boards of the Wisconsin Synod, including national boards of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society and Lutheran Boy Pioneers.

Pastor Cooper's first wife, Susan, entered heaven in 2014 after a long battle with cancer. Pastor and Susan's family have five grown children.  In the summer of 2016 he married Karen (Russell) and added to his heart her two children as well. Karen is a Lutheran elementary school teacher, with a great love for the Lord and his people. She is a blessing to Pastor and to our congregation.


Pastor is an avid hunter. His love for the outdoors almost led toward becoming a forest ranger (before the Lord led him along a different path). He enjoys playing guitar. Another of his favorite things to do is feeling the wind in his face on his Harley.

Pastor Cooper loves the ministry at Grace - sharing the sweet Gospel of Jesus with everyone - inside the congregation and beyond it.