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COVID-19 Special note:

Governor Evers has issued a ban on all gatherings of more than 50 people and churches are included. As good citizens, concerned about the health of our community, we will not hold public worship services until the ban is lifted. The current plan is for devotions to be found on our Facebook page (Grace Lutheran Waupun) on Wednesdays and Sundays. The synod's webpage - wels.net, also will feature virtual worship and Bible studies. In the event of an emergency in your family, or if you are in need of help during this time, please phone Pastor Cooper at 262 627-0640. Everyone be safe. Take this health threat seriously, for both your family and others. And please, since not everyone is on Facebook, share this news with congregational members in your circle. Everyone, also, please be in prayer for God's protection for all.
Challenging Times Call for Creative Answers

The work of the church continues.  We hope you are enjoying our Facebook videos.  These will be available for the duration of this event.  Although we are sad to not be able to gather as normal, what comfort to see the interior of our church as we listen to God’s Word.  Something a video, no matter how good, cannot provide is the Lord’s Supper.  In order to provide the sacrament for your comfort, we will be communing our membership in the following way on our normal 1st and 3rd Sundays (beginning at 9am):
The pastor and an elder will be present in the church’s breezeway.  Both will be wearing gloves on their hands to prevent sharing any germs.  Jesus’ words of institution will be spoken with the prepared elements of bread and wine on a table in the entryway.  Cars will form a line to come through the breezeway one at a time.  When you are at the head of the line, open your windows and turn off the car.  The pastor will lead you in a brief confession of sin and speak words of forgiveness to you. The elder will come to you and distribute the wafer, just like at the communion rail.  The pastor will follow with an individual cup.  After communing, the dismissing blessing is spoken.  If you have an offering, you can give it to either pastor or elder.  Restart your car and move on, so the next car and its occupants can commune behind you.  Different practice, yes.  Same wonderful assurance of forgiveness and strengthening of faith, oh yes!  Blessings to you and see you at the front door of your congregation.

Our Council has also decided to station designated people at the doorway on non-communion Sundays (9-10am) for members wishing to drop off their weekly offering.  The process will be much the same as above.  Drive into the breezeway, roll down your window and one of our designated people will be there to receive your offering.  Afterward, proceed forward and return home. 
We miss our church, but it is a reminder that Jesus’ church is invisible.  His church is found in the souls of those who believe in him.  We’ll restore our programs and worship services as soon as possible.  Until then, continue to keep our congregation and its members in your prayers.  Remember the Lord’s work as normal with your offerings. 

Blessings to all our families and friends.

In Christ’s love … a pastor forced into creativity … Pastor Cooper

The members of Grace Lutheran Church,
 united in faith in Jesus Christ, proclaim God's Holy Word and use His Sacraments,
to nurture our children and strengthen
 one another, while reaching out in love to our community and the world,
 all to the glory of God.